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Please note that I screen for my safety and comfort.

Elite Retreat

I book all my own appointments, including the ones at the studio. 

Please note that I do not require the screening above for the studio, but it will be asked as per my discretion. ​

I will take walk-ins at the studio as well as prebooked appointments.

Have questions? Please text/email me and I will get back to you when I am able.  

Elite Retreat website

Private Incall

Screening is required for all new clients who wish to visit me.

1 or more is required of the following (as per my discretion)

1. 1-2 References from reputable (CAF) SP's you have seen within the last 12 months

2. $100 per/hour deposit via e-transfer 

3. Active CAF handle with posting/review history

4. $50 Sephora/Amazon e-gift card fee

Short notice/same day bookings require either options 2, or 4.


12-24 hours - $100 fee

12 hours or less - 100% of total donation

Cancellation fees can be sent via E-Transfer or Amazon/Sephora E-Gift Card

Failure to provide cancellation fee within 24 hours will result in you being noted as a blacklisted client

In the circumstance that I have to cancel, we can re-book for a future date or your deposit will be returned to you in full.

Screening: Products
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