MAY 2022

MON 30th - afternoon

TUES 31st - evening

JUNE 2022

WED 1st - evening

THURS 2nd - afternoon/evening

FRI 3rd - evening

SAT 4th - afternoon/evening

SUN 5th - afternoon/evening

MON 6th -afternoon

TUES 7th - evening

WED 8th - evening

THURS 9th - afternoon/evening

TUES 14th - evening

WED 15th - evening

THURS 16th - afternoon/evening

FRI 17th - evening

SAT 18th - afternoon/evening

SUN 19th - afternoon/evening

MON 20th - afternoon

TUES 21st - evening

WED 22nd - afternoon/evening

THURS 23rd - evening

**Please note that I am not accepting new clients at this time. I will update my website if/when I am again.**

Location: West End 

Additional days may be added.

If there is a specific date(s) and/or time(s) you had in mind, please do not hesitate to inquire.

I live a full life outside of this wonderful industry and am not usually available short notice. I highly recommend booking your preferred date in advance to ensure availability.